information @ artemis

name: Artemis
age: cannot be expressed in human terms; "she" is very, very old
gender: male
sculpt: Dollzone June head, normal pink skin & B faceup
size: SD head (planned 60cm DZ boy body)
arrival date: May 5th, 2012
eye color: one purple eye, one runic eye
hair color: pink
personality: can seem sweet and flirty but is often fickle and flighty
orientation: gay
likes: creating things, magic, Uthanos (on a good day), Creepysidius
dislikes: being restricted or tied down in any way
quick bio: Artemis is older than the multiverse, much like Asura. While Artemis is male, "she" prefers to be referred to as a girl, including the use of feminine pronouns. She was mistaken by the Greeks as a girl, thus the concept of the goddess Artemis. Between herself and the demon-god of death Uthanos (his character belongs to Nightweaver), many forms of life were created for the multiverse. While the on-again, off-again couple did not create all living things, many demons, all angels, and all vampires owe their existance to Uthanos and Artemis. Artemis also created Creepysidius, and was masquerading as a sorceress in various fantasy universes before arriving here.
ooc: Ironically I got Artemis's head and Ashe's body as a boy combination to get the Dollzone event doll Kuilan, and the character idea for Artemis evolved during the wait, partly inspired by the gender-swapped order. Artemis is scaled to the Aster Scale.
special item in her head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.