information @ asura

name: Asura
age: cannot be expressed in human terms; he is very, very old
gender: male
sculpt: DollZone Limited Asura, white skin & default faceup
size: 71cm
arrival date: December 13th, 2010
eye color: red
hair color: red
personality: serene, wise, and usually very direct
family: no kindred unless the other gods count (he does not consider them as such)
orientation: bi
likes: Jian, Michael, Aiden, reading, watching the worlds, simple pleasures
dislikes: little Karl, anyone who tries to harm Jian, cruelty
quick bio: Asura is lord of the underworld and now has a new task in keeping Jian safe. The deity is one of the few who still have interest in the mortal worlds, and has a fondness for the residents of Earth in particular.
ooc: This doll impressed me enough to jump my entire wishlist including my dream boy Aiden, and I am sooo glad I was able to snag him! I had no idea what his name would be, or who he would be, and while I was waiting I began writing a story. I guessed him right. ♥ He is scaled to the Aster Scale.
his own dolls: Anastasia, dolls for Anastasia
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.
interview: Click me.