information @ celina

name: Celina
age: she hasn't said
gender: female
sculpt: Dollzone Celine, normal pink skin & default faceup
size: SD head (planned Dollzone 62cm girl body)
arrival date: August 10th, 2012
eye color: metallic green without pupils
hair color: red
personality: calm and confident
family: unknown
orientation: bi
likes: her pink Sony Vaio laptop, this song cover
dislikes: unknown
quick bio: Celina is very new, I'm still getting to know her.
ooc: I fell in love with this sculpt shortly before Dollzone discontinued her, and managed to squeeze in a layaway for her head at the last minute. She is stunning, I'm so very glad I jumped in when I had the chance. She is scaled to the Aster Scale.
special item in her head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.