information @ emyrren

name: Emyrren
age: 75
gender: male
sculpt: Soom Epidos Unikenta head, normal skin & default faceup
size: SD head (planned 72cm Dollzone boy body, normal pink skin)
arrival date: October 26th, 2011
eye color: blue
hair color: black
personality: honorable, steadfast, kind, quick to defend those in need
family: deceased
orientation: bi
likes: Nightweaver's Lharanthis, wandering, a good meal and good company
dislikes: injustice, prejudice, shoddy weaponry
quick bio: An adventurer from a high fantasy world, Emyrren has a noble heart and a mysterious past... for he was once a prince, but events beyond his control changed his life forever. He is immortal and his race does not appear to age beyond adulthood.
ooc: I was drooling over the 2011 one-week "Free Choice" mix and match MD event at Soom and realized all I really liked was Epidos's head with the unicorn horn and default faceup on a human body (which couldn't be done with the event). So via the DoA marketplace, he is here as a head while he joins the "waiting on a body" gang. I had no idea who he would be when I purchased him, but his unfolding story is proving quite interesting.
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.