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    Recent updates:
  I am super behind updating the site, but Shane and Nyu are home, I have several Nendoroids to add, and a few other non-resin dolls. Plus, Lee the DZ Yue is on layaway. The site is only partially updated to reflect this.
  Shane the DZ Elsa is now on layaway!

  Ai Torenia is now Sophie with profile updated; three new Monster High-type dolls and a Hujoo Nano Rabi all need pages.

  Nirian has his Souloid body now; Dollzone Nyu is on preorder.
the doll is in your house    
and in your room    
and in your bed,    
the doll is in your eyes    
and in your arms    
and in your head,    
and you are crazy~

Jonathan Coulton, "Creepy Doll"