information @ jian

name: Jian
age: 18
gender: male
sculpt: DoD DoT Homme Ducan, normal skin & default faceup
size: 63cm
arrival date: August 13th, 2011
eye color: green
hair color: black
personality: unassuming and gaining confidence, playful at times
family: deceased or not worth mentioning
orientation: gay
likes: Asura, Aiden, acting, dressing goth/emo/nonconformist, video games, BJDs, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, techno
dislikes: cruelty, jerks, the System
quick bio: Jian met Asura while hitchhiking home one night and the rest is history. Jian is amazed that the lord of the underworld himself is in love with him, but has managed to take it all in stride along with his destined life quest which is now behind him. He is taking acting classes in a university focusing on art and drama, and although he had fun trying out dorm life, he is now home living with Asura along with all the others at the House.
ooc: The main character from my story Chosen also starring Asura (but it's technically an alternate universe due to endgame plot issues I didn't want reflecting on the doll version of Asura), which began writing itself before Asura's arrival. Jian is scaled to the Aster Scale.
his own dolls: Ariel, Tenesia
his dolly wishlist: DoD DoB boy Pisce, Luts Honey Delf PIE, Dollmore Banji Elf Elly Boy Dio faceupped like a Kirill?
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.
interview: Click me.