information @ yage

name: Yage (pronounced "yayj")
age: 800-900?
gender: male
sculpt: Dollshe Orijean, pale skin and DS18M body, with faceup by me
size: 70.5cm
arrival date: October 9th, 2012
eye color: large dark irises with shimmering blue edges
hair color: turquoise
personality: calm, steadfast, quiet, but fiercly protective of loved ones
family: probably some in his home universe
orientation: bi
likes: Lee, exploring, simple pleasures, cooking
dislikes: racial prejudice, antagonistic people, religion in general
quick bio: Yage's story is in the process of being written, so without totally spoilering it, the part that should be known is that he has spent quite a while on a planet of desert sands and survivalist low technology where he looked just as alien as he would on modern Earth. He eventually arrived at the House via space travel and a wormhole, and now there is news that his lover Lee is going to find his way to the House as well. Yage is a skilled fighter in close combat with various kinds of weapons. He has a human lover named Lee who is still somewhere back in the previous universe.
ooc: With Dollshe discontinuing their entire line of dolls and selling them at a discount, I had to grab this guy even though he wasn't high priority in his spot on my wish list at the time. His story arrived in my brain while I waited to pay him off. A big influence on later parts of Yage's tale has been the "Main Theme" from the movie Inception by Hans Zimmer (which I haven't actually seen yet).
special item in his head: nothing yet
customization info: Click me.