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World Saves for the things I've built:
Sept. 25, 2011
textures used:
includes: starting sandcastle treehouses, Karl's house from Suriel, Atlantis Base, Asura's home from Chosen, Jareth's place from My Lord, lab from Mindspace.
               to-do list:  1. Jrock fic trailers setup.  2. art teacher Riddick's small house.
               3. piratey Michael's ship or part of it.  4. piratey Karl's captain's cabin.
               5. some of the prison from Unprisoned.  6. brothel from Sweet Lady.       huh?
It's On Now
Feb. 20, 2012
textures used:
my survival map, no cheats used, just me versus the vanilla world. trap door in the home tower's first floor room leads to the nether portal. a tour from February 18th, 2012, can be found here on Youtube.
most recent changes: tidied up around the tree in the Pretty Mine, dismantled the egg machine.

Skins by me, click to snag:
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