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Information on Saturn's building projects:
General info: Saturn was my first world save, and it's where I currently do all of my building. I use default textures for this world and it is best viewed that way. Most of the projects are places from stories I have written. Some of those stories involve doll characters (growing up is so entirely overrated), so if you are coming here from the Asian ball-jointed doll community, you are in the right place!

Please note that linked stories are most likely yaoi (male/male relationships) and contain adult content, and probably require an account either at y!Gallery or devianTart to view. Places in the world save not listed below are non-story projects.

Finished projects:

~ Karl's house ~ story: Suriel
Modern day demonic realms universe inspired by doll characters belonging to myself and Nightweaver. So far I have one doll version of Karl as a vampire; his profile is here.

~ Asura's home ~ story: Chosen
Modern day universe and long storyline inspired by the doll I was waiting for at the time, Asura.

~ Jareth's place ~ story: My Lord
Modern day universe that includes both vampires and demons, inspired by my and Nightweaver's dolls. Jareth's doll profile is here.

~ Mindspace lab ~ story: Mindspace
A universe that is either modern or... possibly somewhere in the future... involving original characters, one of which happens to be dollified as well. Aster as a character base has been around longer than the tiny and big doll versions. Jean will most likely be wishlisted soon.

to-do list:

~ Jrock fic trailers ~ story: Konnichiwa
Modern day universe revolving around a Jrock band in Japan, involving my and Nightweaver's doll characters. A version of Aster is one of those characters.

~ art teacher Riddick's small house ~
An extensive roleplay universe created with Stefan, in which I turned Riddick (from Pitch Black, etc.) into a modern day high school art teacher with a different background from age six onwards. End result: epic. I may also do his large plantation-style home from his inheritance sometime, not sure yet. More info if you are curious is here.

~ piratey Michael's ship ~ story: Of Toys And Dreams And Piratey Things
Historical piracy universe set in the early 1800's, using characters whose bases were written and/or roleplayed long before they became dolls. Michael's doll profile is here and young Aiden's is here.

~ piratey Karl's captain's cabin ~ story: A Gentleman's Agreement
Historical piracey with a twist, set in the 1600's. The story involves another version of Karl's character, as well as Aster and Michael.

~ Paris prison ~ story: Unprisoned
1799 historical Paris with characters who were once again written before becoming dolls. A version of Aster is one of those characters, and wishlisted Damien's doll profile is here.

~ Victorian-era brothel ~ story: Sweet Lady
A complete cast of original characters, inspired by the yaoi webcomic Teahouse.

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