Warning: This is not a canon wiki for the game SOMA. It is a storehouse of information that is often canon (except for the character section), but has been designed for use in a closed, private online roleplay. Therefore, information presented on these pages may be in direct conflict with SOMA canon lore.

The story setup for this roleplay is notably different, based loosely off desired changes to the game (contains SOMA spoilers) and Lovecraftian influences. A new station has been created, Kappa, that is is unique to our modified SOMA world. The roleplay also involves original characters that belong to their respective players, and generally makes use of SOMA's game material as more of a setting than actual guidelines.

The members of this roleplay discourage buying the game SOMA. You can read why in this Steam review, and in an in-depth spoiler-filled diatribe here. If you would like another, vaguely-spoilerish opinion of similar bent, check out this YouTube review unrelated to anyone involved in the roleplay; the reviewer does a good job summing up what is wrong with the game, but didn't go into the game deep enough to realize just how badly the terribly-written story completely falls apart on any sort of close inspection.

That said, we've found a use for the game, and others may find information on this wiki useful, especially the maps. For as much misplaced love as this game gets, there is a telling lack of good images available elsewhere on the 'net. Odds are, it's because anyone delving deep enough into the game to properly fill out a canon wiki has discovered that the game has so many plot holes it's trying to create a singularity.

Canon SOMA wiki sites may use the map images available on this site, so long as those wikis upload the images to their own sites and do not link directly to images here. Credit would be appreciated, especially for the Omicron overlay map and the hand-drawn map of the spider caves, which took more work; such credit should go to tirsden with a link to her devianTart if at all possible. Yes, we realize we called the game shite, so not getting credited wouldn't exactly be a surprise. Still, it'd be nice.

Apologies to Frictional Games, but you guys really did drop the ball on this one. We've picked it up, reshaped it, repainted it, and are playing with it in its new form. Hopefully that does not offend. Better luck next time, although hopes are slim due to the acclaim SOMA has gotten.








     The Abyss
     Spider Caves


     Anderson, Marc
     Braith, Stiabhan
     Liddel, Alasdair
     Lindermann, Michael
     Kroenen, Karl
     Kroenen, Sora
     Stevens, Morrigan
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