Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Height: 4'8" (142cm)
Build: Slim
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Auburn, short and messy

Alasdair is assigned to Omicron as a repair technician. She was trapped outside during the violent gel outbreak, and was finally able to get into the main entrance after Sora unlocked the doors for Marc. Alasdair is convinced Sora is broken, because the android does not behave correctly for an AI.

Al has had a crush on Michael, but in true tsundere fashion never admitted it when he was human and tried her best to avoid him at Theta or during his visits to Omicron. He did not even recognize her (nor realize she was female) when they met in Omicron after the gel incident, and now Alasdair wishes poor Michael could have remained human... even if his being gay and out of her league, in her opinion, would still be issues.







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