Aliases: Hastur

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Great Old One, appears now as albino Caucasian human
Nationality: n/a
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Build: Slender
Eyes: Pink
Hair: White, long and straight with bangs framing his face

Aster has taken up residence in the large sphere intended to be WAU's AI Core, and was acting as AI's central processing unit through unknown means, until recent events stripped him of that ability. The sphere originally contained a specialized, clear liquid meant to cool electronic components but due to Aster's arrival, the electronic components inside the sphere vanished and the liquid substance has taken on unidentified traits that often make it appear irridescent or sometimes milky-white. Aster is not visible in the sphere if it becomes too opaque. He is aware in some sense most of the time, but often appears to sleep or meditate in a very zen, dream-like state.

Aster lost his memories some time ago to an event he cannot remember, and ended up drifting listlessly in the ocean for quite some time. He happened upon Pathos-II just as the WAU AI system was being installed and integrated throughout the complex. Aster decided he had found his calling: to watch over Pathos-II as a peaceful guardian.

Stiabhan "Kouri" Braith was brought into the project as an AI psychologist under the alias of Johan Ross. In truth, the Welshman was an alchemist, researcher of the arcane and occult, and had previously embarked on spy-related activities involving those realms. He was chosen for the position at Site Alpha by his adopted father Karl Kroenen.

Kouri became obsessed with Aster while Kurisu's influence began to affect various members of Pathos-II staff. The obsession became dangerous insanity, so Karl tried to kill Kouri in the spider crab caves between the climber station and Tau. Kouri fought back and both men died, bodies left somewhere in the cave tunnels.

Aster mourned Kouri's loss, for the Welshman was his favorite human and the Great Old One had fallen in love with him. Desperately trying to revive Kouri's soul, the result was hampered by the influence of Kurisu's corruption in the water, along with the structure gel running through Site Alpha's inner workings.

Aster was left to weep broken-heartedly in WAU's Core, his sorrow affecting the fractured, mutated psychic projection that Kouri had become. When Kurisu caused exponential growth and changes to much of the structure gel and anything it could combine itself with, he also attacked the Core. Aster automatically reacted to protect himself by locking the Core inside crystalline outcroppings and overgrowths. This left the WAU running in emergency backup mode without proper directives from the Core.

Kurisu used the structure gel to take over the WAU. He had learned the hard way from attacking the Core with tentacles made of structure gel and also metal and mechanical parts from around the Core room and outer spherical walls, that such ventures would just shatter his creations. Kurisu decided that for the time being, he was in control of the complex and Site Alpha as well, by proxy of the Core being trapped in its crystal-encrusted state while gel formations and warped metal continued to corrupt the Core's surrounding environment.





    albino, beautiful


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