Aliases: Johan Ross, [Classified]

Gender: Male
Age: 26 (deceased)
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Welsh
Height: 6'4" (193cm)
Build: Lanky
Eyes: Violet
Hair: n/a, formerly inky brown

Kouri was an alchemist, researcher of the arcane and occult, and a spy embarking on related missions when he was called down to Pathos-II by his adopted father Karl. Aster had just manifested in WAU's Core, so Karl hired Kouri as an AI psychologist under the name Johan Ross. Kouri's decoy quarters are in Tau but his real quarters are at Site Alpha.

Kouri became obsessed with the beautiful Great Old One, the obsession eventually leading to insanity. Karl realized the situation had become too dangerous, in his opinion, and attempted to kill Kouri in the spider crab caves between the abyss climber and Tau.

Both men died in the process, and Aster attempted to revive Kouri's soul. The result was corrupted by Kurisu's influence, and Kouri became a haunted, mutated version of his former self. He manifests now as a psychic projection tied to Aster, and the Great Old One weeps inconsolably within the confines of the WAU's Core. Kouri's range for appearing to others and speaking to them is limited, with a radius extending the distance from Site Alpha to Omicron.

Kouri tried to give clues to Marc, Sora, and Michael about how to stop Kurisu's structure gel, but so far the cryptic messages have been more confusing than helpful. However, odds are good the three will follow Kouri's call to come to the abyss and "poison the well." The hard part will be trying to get across the fact that the crystalline formations now guarding the Core have been able to withstand and shatter attacks from Kurisu's gel-formations... nevermind how to use the information to undo Kurisu's power.





    SOMA canon Ross
    (monster form)


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