Aliases: [Classified]

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Caucasian/Mixed
Nationality: American
Height: 6' (183cm)
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald

Marc is a United States Navy SEAL turned one-man security team for Pathos-II; he doesn't count Jonsdottir as a proper security operative due to insufficient training and experience, and figures the guy has been around more as a stopgap than anything. Marc finds his current assignment somewhat ridiculous, but has been adapting as per his usual solid work ethic which could better be described as workaholic. There are supposed to be three more people from the surface being chosen to complement his team, but no one else has shown up so far.

He's the sort of guy who will just as soon sit down to a game of Dungeons & Dragons as annihilate large quantities of beer and pizza while watching action movies. Or anime. He's big on anime. He also has a bit of a "thing" for Sora Kroenen, the cute android girly-boy who is dispatch manager for all of Pathos-II, working out of Omicron.

Marc has only been assigned to Pathos-II for a few weeks, and has so far made his rounds of the stations by spending a few days at each one in turn. He does not have clearance for Site Alpha, nor the most top-secret sections of Theta. His quarters are located in Theta, and he crashes in guest quarters when patrolling other stations.

Marc was attempting to get into Kappa, an abandoned station construction site, when the shite hit the fan at Theta and other stations. He heard Michael screaming, and the full story from Marc's perspective is documented in the minifics "Kinda Cute" and "Kittyface." He took the broken K-8 unit named Rig-B to Omicron, a shorter walk since his air supply was limited.

At Omicron, Marc met up with Sora who had been trying to get the comms to respond properly and hiding out in vents. Sora told Marc that there were cached messages from the surface, stored when the system was down, stating that an asteroid had hit the earth's surface. Marc recalled Michael claiming there was an earthquake, but had felt none himself while out by Kappa, nor had there been a shockwave in the water. Sora noted that Omicron shook when the structure gel went bananas and started tearing up the place.

Together, the two retrieved the only useful melee weapons from the weapons locker the SEAL had insisted be installed in that and other stations; structure gel had infiltrated the locker and rendered ammunition irretrievable, and the guns were not loaded. After that, there was a tense and quiet walk down to the robot repair bay, to fix Rig-B who turned out to have become the host of Michael's accidental brain scan just before he died.





    Vin Diesel


    "Kinda Cute"
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