Gender: Male
Age: 40
Race: Formerly Caucasian, now K-8 robot
Nationality: British
Height: Standard K-8 model
Build: Standard K-8 model
Eyes: Formerly blue
Hair: Formerly blonde

Michael is a former Catholic priest turned therapist and counselor. Thanks to a friend in high places, he has landed a job at Pathos-II as a resident therapist. He enjoys tea and is an avid reader, Shakespeare being his favorite author.

Michael's quarters are in Theta where he has spent the bulk of his time over the last few months since arriving at the complex. During those months, the furthest he went into the Abyss was Tau, for one visit.

When Kurisu decided to kill everyone in Theta except for Morrigan, Michael became trapped in the pilot seat he was using, as explained in the mini-fic "Kinda Cute" listed on the right. He heard Imogen Reed's screams nearby, signifying that she was in extreme pain and unlikely to survive.

As Michael himself began dying a horrible death at the mercy of animated metal tentacles he could not even see, the helmet system overloaded and ran a program intended for Catherine Chun's ARK scans. The system sent a scan of his brain to the robot he was piloting out in the water by Kappa. The robot passed the information on to a K-8 unit called Rig-B via a dangerous arc of electricity, then promptly exploded.

Marc was at Kappa for the entire episode, and carried Rig-B to Omicron where Sora succeeded in repairing the damage. When powered on, Michael realized he was now contained within the K-8's processing systems, essentially having escaped death. His adorable little metal friend "Rigby," however, was lost beneath Michael's scan which had overwritten the robot's simple AI.

With Sora's help, Michael regained the ability to talk properly as opposed to beeping with the usual K-8's tones. The new hover upgrade system allowing movement in air has also been repaired, and Michael has learned not only to move around, but to trigger unlocked door switches with the proper frequency and also make use of the K-8 unit's blowtorch.





    Paul Bettany


    "Kinda Cute"
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