Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 5'8" (173cm)
Build: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Magenta (dyed)

Morrigan spent the last year and a half living on the streets before he woke up tied to a gurney being rolled down a hallway by masked doctors. Little did he know, he had been taken during his sleep at a homeless shelter and sedated for the journey to Pathos-II. He was an easy target for being put to use in a top-secret area of Theta's laboratories, because "no one would miss him."

He was rolled into a laboratory room and injected with a 20% solution of structure gel. The experience was excruciating and terrifying but he survived. The results of the injection and subsequent events are documented in the mini-fic "My Soul" as listed on the right.

Morrigan is now Kurisu's mostly-willing minion, hampered slightly by having the conscience of a good person. Morrigan's right arm, part of his shoulder, and some of his upper back has black, tattoo-like markings of tendrils and swirls in a creepy-cute style, which Kurisu can use to control Morrigan's arm and also spring forth deadly gel-like tendrils as desired. Kurisu is quite taken with his minion, if not entirely sure what to make of this "conscience" concept, nor many of the other human emotions Morrigan feels.





    teenage Gerard


    "My Soul"
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