Gender: Male
Age: 10?
Race: Android, appears Japanese
Nationality: n/a
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Build: Slender
Eyes: One grey, one glows blue due to gel corruption mutation
Hair: Black, bob with bangs

Sora is a "trap" in two ways: he looks and dresses female but is male, and he also looks and acts notably human much of the time but is in fact an android. He does not actually know that he is the result of a special project overseen by his adopted father Karl; due to the project's success, Sora has a true soul.

Sora is in charge of dispatch for all of Pathos-II, working out of Omicron. He had quarters in Theta near his father's, but was ordered to stay at Omicron against Karl's wishes. Sora no longer has legitimate quarters, and has been expected to consider Omicron's dispatch office "his room."

Sora is used to being treated as sub-human by everyone except his father, who has vanished mysteriously. The android realizes his father is surely dead by now. Carthage Industries is covering up the truth, most likely due to Karl keeping human gel trials from going forward.

Kouri is missing too, and the android now realizes his pseudo-brother is something much like the monsters haunting Omicron, though more helpful and does not seem inclined to eat faces. Still, the cryptic messages are difficult to decipher and the old rivalry between siblings who never quite got along does not help things either.

The only other human besides Michael who has been notably nice to Sora is Marc, and it is becoming much more clear that Marc really has a "thing" for his Kittyface.





    Asian, cute, girly


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