a world of warcraft guild  
trollbane server      

phear us. we'll be two-manning kara before you know it... also, yes, we are insane. well, i am anyways. i can't speak for my fellow hentai. we are a guild of two, demented, perverted, and pwning your face. i mean, baking you cookies. mmm, cookies.
      overlord: manticore
        overlord's pet: recluse

      hentai: keioss
        hentai's pet: darkkity

ranks: overlord - guild leader
           hentai - special
           mastermind - officer
           associate - member level 2
           minion - member level 1
           doomed - initiate

all members should note that they are
"doomed" immediately upon entering
the guild, regardless of actual rank, and
remain as such. you know you love it.

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